Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Made in India – Back to Swadeshi

Capitalism to Consumerism

The days of Capitalism is now over and the wings of Consumerism which was going to take over has been clipped early. Again Consumer will be the true power of any economy. The needs of an average consumer are simple, a consumer needs a steady job to sustain him and in turn he sustains the economy. The repercussions in economies that have outsourced cheaper goods for more profits at the cost of local industry and jobs are today evident.

Impact of Chinese Goods on India

For last few years we have seen a dearth of cheap Chinese goods flooding the market both in shops and streets whether it is a needle, toys, household electric and electronics goods, mobiles, everything is available damn cheap. In fact, China makes everything cheap whether it is toys for our children or guns and ammunition for the terrorist and other anti national elements in India and around the world.

Most Chinese products we get here in India are rejected stocks by American and European economies either for being a health hazard or for being of deficient and sub-standard quality which are then dumped in India. They believe most of we Indians are crazy about imported goods. Taking advantage of this craze some of the manufacturers and re-sellers of plastic goods, toys, electric and electronic goods and mobiles even in India outsource finished goods from China. They believe it is cheap and means better business sense but it is at the cost of jobs and livelihoods of our brothers and sisters here in India, as it is only possible after shutting existing local manufacturing units in India and rendering our Indian brothers and sisters jobless.

We have better Entrepreneurs & Economists here

Our businessmen and CEO’s here are trying to ape the western and America economies, buts its consequences in America is clear over US $ 2000 billion pumped into the economy by the US Government and its still not even ready to crawl. Some of the leading American industrial and financial houses, banks, and insurance and pension funds are almost bankrupt and asking for more financial aids from the US Government for its survival. Is our Government strong enough to sustain such sort of financial impact, will it be possible to the Indian Government to pump 1000’s of crore Rupees to rebuild the economy if something similar happens here in India. Will our economy sustain such a jolt.

We Entrepreneurs and Industrialists have to learn the economic impact of outsourcing from China on America. Over the last decade America has been gradually making redundant employees, closing industrial units and outsourcing cheaper goods from Asia, specifically China and creating employment elsewhere. America was once proud of its strong consumer base and Capitalism, as the list of outsourced goods grew, local employment opportunities started shrinking and also gradually shrinking was the buying power of average Americans. The same American consumer which was once its strength. Approx two million Americans have lost their jobs just in 2008 itself.


If we have to bring a strong entrepreneurial, industrial and financial India it is necessary to return back to the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and ‘SWADESHI’. SWADESHI – to manufacture ourselves from our own resources everything that is possible for us. Instead of outsourcing from abroad which only creates employment opportunities elsewhere and helps other economies? Reopening closed units and setting up our own manufacturing facilities here in India will create more local employment opportunities increase the buying power of the local Indians and build healthy economy and all of us can thrive and prosper collectively.

Dual threat from China for Indians

For we Indians the threat from China is dual, one is on the economic front the other threat is to our existence itself. While it is making maximum profits by dumping worthless rejected goods here in India and hitting our economy hard as most of this products are imported by unscrupulous means. Simultaneously most of the Indian Industrial, Financial capitals like Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and Banglore and most of the defense establishment are already under its direct missile cover which may hit us any time at a push of a button. Every Chinese product we buy makes China financially more stronger to bring one more Indian city under the cover of its Nuclear Headed Missiles.

With over 38000 sq km’s. (approx size of Kerala State ) of Indian territory already under Chinese occupation they have been constantly laying claims and intruding our lands in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. Chinese officials and head of state are regularly saying these are integral part of China. The docile and mild approach of the Indian Government only helps the Chinese become bolder with every incidence recently even objecting the visit of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to Arunachal Pradesh. Next time there is a war Chinese Nuclear Headed Missiles will hit us and perform our burials even before our troop reach the borders. Instead of protesting their actions our politicians approve War Games with Chinese Army on our soil near Banglore. As we cannot expect anything better from our politicians as Indians our endeavor should be to BOYCOTT all Chinese products. A BOYCOTT will ensure, atleast we are not financing the guns that terrorist, anti national elements are firing at us common man some place somewhere in India everyday, with no NSG to protect us on streets, buses and trains.

While the Pakistanis on one hand have been funding Islamist terrorist from around world to create terror in India, destabilise our economy and spread distrust amoung local Hindu’s and Muslim’s the Communist Chinese regime has been replicating it through various factions of communist naxalbaris and other anti-national elements spreading terror and instability all over India.

BOYCOTT 'Made in China'

The Indian Government may be weak to fight Chinese might we Citizens of India are not. Let us take the war to the door steps of China the Gandhian way. Let us boycott all Chinese made products and all branded products with its origin in China and the labels ‘Made in China’ until China respects our territorial integrity, returns our land and that of our Tibetan brothers. Let us begin this war with the Gandhian principles on NON VIOLENCE without firing a SINGLE BULLET.

Let us make INDIA one of the STRONGEST Economies of the World

America and the West has learnt the lesson let us take some strong measures before it is too late. Chinese economy is already on the reverse gear due to the impact of recession in Europe and America and our economy too is on the same path. We the People of India have the power, having the second largest consumer base in the world. We can make ourselves the STRONGEST ECONOMY of the world without outside help. Buy and promote local Indian made goods, this is the success story of Japan, this is the success story of Korea. Buy goods Made in India and help build a strong India and secure the livelihood of our brothers and sisters here in India and make the road clear for a NEW ECONOMICALLY POWERFUL INDIA.


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Reuben, from Belgium said...

Well said. I share the same concerns about the bailouts in America and the policies and products from communist China. And several other issues as well for that matter. Very interesting blog - thanks for offering your insight and personal views on current events from an Indian perspective. God bless your country. Best regards.