Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bombay – High Court Verdict on Dogs

Your Honour,

When the dog was making a living showing acrobats and shows at a circus, you said it is cruelty towards animal and put him out of job. Of no use at circus, his master abandoned him. Now as he is abandoned and has no master authorities believe he is a nuisance and a threat to the society, you have passed the order to cull him. Really it’s a dog’s life.

As humans God has given us humans some privileges, advantages and authority over other living things whether it is a plant or an animal. And it is our responsibility as humans to care for them and protect them not cull them.

The problem of dog nuisance has reached such a magnitude only because of the lethargy and the carelessness of the authorities assigned to control it. By passing the order you have made their job easier.

GOD when I pass out of this life and enter another and if You decide that it be of a DOG let me be born in some distant land where they do not CULL them but CARE for them.

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