Monday, December 15, 2008

Bombay - ‘Special security arrangements at MbPT, post 26/11’

‘Special security arrangements at Bombay Port Trust, post 26/11’ The news article appeared in many of the leading newspapers today and unfolded before me many a incidence of the past of which two aspects are interesting, one is POLITICAL and another related to SECURITY which I wish to share here.

Way back in the 90’s when Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Nhava Seva, New Bombay was being developed. I visited the port on a few occasions as a supplier than. Every time I visited I was harassed by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel to part with some money no sooner I un-boarded from the launch and reached the security post at the port.

The shocker was on a visit with supplies to JNPT as soon as I got down from the launch and reached the security post the security personnel of the CISF noticed that I was with supplies and pulled me aside and demanded more money this time, I said this was not healthy, his reply I have never forgotten till date “jab desh ka Pradhan Mantri bag bhar kar karodo le sakta hai, mein to ek sadharan sipahi hoon” (hinting to the Harshad Mehta related Stock Scam, during interrogation he had mentioned that the Prime Minister of India Shri P.V. Narsimha Rao was the one of the benefeciaries and had personally delivered Rs.1 Crore cash to Mr. Narshima Rao. Total Rs.1.62 Crore cash was paid in cash for vote scam by the Mr. Narshima Rao to MP’s of JMM , including Shibu Soren. The cash was specifically paid to vote in favour of Narshima Rao government to win a ‘No Trust Motion’ in Parliament. Mr. P.V. Narishma Rao won the no trust motion but was convicted in the court in 2000 in the cash for vote scam, the other accused being Mr. Buta Singh who was later acquitted in 2002.)

Another interesting thing is the SECURITY aspect. The Central Industrial Security Force is the same CISF who provide us security at some of the leading ports and our domestic and international airports and other critical installations of national interest including the Taj Mahal at Agra. This article in the newspaper just reminded me today, that instead of my supplies earlier, it could had been anything dangerous or lethal. Most probably this is how due to lax security the hijacking of Indian Airlines plane to Kandhar must have happened

Today, nothing has changed since than on both fronts POLITICAL & SECURITY, Mr. Buta Singh was rewarded with the post of Governor of Bihar by the subsequent Congress government after he lost the Lok Sabha election, Mr. Shibu Soren has been rewarded with the post Chief Minister of Jharkhand by the current Congress government under Dr. Manmohan Singh. Helping Mr. Shibu Soren to take corruptions to new highs. Jharkhand is rich in minerals and must be selling mining licences for dimes while making fortune for himself.


On the SECURITY front on March 12, 1993 when Bombay was first shook with a series of explosions all over, the explosives came from Pakistan via sea route but was unloaded a little further of Bombay Coast (three government security officials convicted). During the recent terrorist attack on November 26, 2008 the terrorists again came by sea but this time they were more bolder and landed right in the heart of Bombay. This is our security, terrorists come at their convenience from air, sea and road even today, kill indiscriminately and disappear to return again.

The farce begins, more assurances, new set of politicians, new security setups, continues, nothing is going to change for us !




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