Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nirbhaya! 'She Should've said Mantra, Called Rapists Her Brothers'


Guruji, And what wil one say when one is raped, by own brother and father

And now the Guru himself is under judicial custody for rape.

Its true, Its easy to preach !

Monday, January 7, 2013

Top Gurdwara body pays tribute to Indira Gandhi's assassins


And the Guru said

bhandi jammiai, bhandi nimmiai, bhandi manganu wiahu /

bhandahu howai dosati, bandahu calai rahu //

bhandu mua bhandu bhaliai, bhandi howai bandhanu //

so kiu manda akhiai, jitu janmahi rajana //

bhandahu hi bhandu upajai, bhandai bajhu ha koi //

Nanaka bhandai bahura, eko saca soi //

translated in English it means

From the woman is our birth,

in the woman’s womb are we conceived.

To the woman we are engaged,

to the woman we are wedded.

The woman is our friend,

from the woman is the family,

through the woman are our bonds of the world.

Why call woman evil,

Who gives birth to kings and all?

From the woman is born the woman,

without the woman there is non.

O Nanak, save the One True God alone.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Central Banks cannot fix problems of Economy on their own - RBI Governor


It should rather read "Central Banks cannot fix politician created problems of Economy" 
Mr. Subbarao rightly pointed out "Governments need to act from the fiscal side, and monetary and fiscal policies have to act in harmony."

The economy is under tremendous pressure of financial decisions made for political gains an outcome of coalition politics. Every time a controversial bills is to be passed in the parliament it is not without behind the back deal from ally parties on waiver of loans, grant of additional funds allocation to their states, money for distributing - free television sets, free computers, free laptops, free mobile phone with free talk time balance, I am not sure where this unplanned funds are going to be generated. Where is the MONEY going to come from?

I do not accept the Governors contention that RBI be given more autonomy and agree with Mr. Joseph Stiglitz two times Nobel laureate that RBI has done a better job with restricted freedom compared to Fed and ECB.  

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mohammed Rafi


I was saddened to hear about the desecration of the tomb of some of the legendary Muslim poets, singers, and actresses of ester year foremost among them was singer Mohammed Rafi, poet Shahir Ludhianvi, actress Madhubala. The Muslim community trust managing the cemetery at Juhu, Bombay had to say that this was inevitable due to the shortage of burial space.

Here's a small poem that came to my mind on my favourite singer Mohammed Rafi

apne Mohammed ka to din raat sajda kiya

mere Mohammed ka nam-o-nishan mita diya

अपने मोहम्मद का तो दिन रात सजदा किया

मेरे मोहम्मद का नाम ओ निशान मिटा दिया

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

'Bombay' - Sanghai, Singapore or New York


BOMBAY - Gandagi Yahi Hai Zindagi

I started travelling by BEST buses at the age of 12. I had a problem, where to throw the used bus ticket, sometimes twirled between my fingers I used to carry it to the school bin, occassionaly it remained in my pocket and got washed of with my school uniforms and if the ticket numbers were interesting just tucked it in a book or sometimes as a careless boy just threw it the air.

It is 33 years now still the story is the same twirled between my fingers the ticket travels with me 3 kms by bus than another 12 kms by suburban train and finally another 2 kms by one more bus until both the tickets are dumped in my office bin.

A year back I was happy to see 3 bins in a row on both the sides of the street near the bus station and for 6 months I had the pleasure of throwing the ticket in the bins. Yes! 6 long months that is when the last of them disappeared with only a few iron post standing, even some of the iron posts have been uprooted. Same has been the story of the bins at suburban railway stations.

Delving over a small bus ticket I came across magnitude of a problem related to health and hygene for all from young too the old. Does somebody has a solution or we will have to live with it for over. How our city fathers plan to make Sanghai, Singapore and New York out of this Bombay?

Here's the STORY in Pictures

There were three bins in a row all missing now! The last one is from a different street.

Garbage collected by a sweeper on one of the street, most of it consist of empty pouches of 'gutka/tobacco' of all brands which is one of the biggest menace to maintain hygene.

The inlet of this drain below is covered with 'gutka/pan/tobacco' spittle collected since end of the last monsoon and will be cleaned only by the next monsoon rains 7 months later. The spittle is all over, this man below is oblivious of the fact he is sitting on it and the last one is on opposite side of the platform, every time the train halts on the platform all Gutka eaters relieve themselves.

The three pictures above is exactly where the FIRST CLASS compartment of suburban trains arrives on the platform, this confirms that unhygenic habbits are not restricted to the poor and uneducated but the educated and wealthy too.

Children learn early in life, this vendor has displayed with 'gutka/tobacco' pouches some of the favourite snacks of children. While parents buy small gutka pouches for themselves and the pack of snacks for the children. Some parents even buy the 'mukhwas/dhana dal' (mouth freshners) displayed in identical packs like 'Gutkas' for adamanant childrens who will have nothing less than what their dad and or mom is having.

Well, the window in the train, the choicest spot for kids, enjoying the view outside from a fast moving train holding the window bar oblivious of the fact of both the child and the parent of the 'gutka/pan/tobacco' spitula collected on the windows for over ages. And this is picture is of a window of a FIRST CLASS compartment. A major health hazard for kids.

Green is good for eyes and health, this is how it is irrigated in the heart of BOMBAY

This peice of greenery in Bombay is a field growing spinach, raddish and other seasonal vegetables on vaccant land near the tracks either on plots under litigation or land reserved for future expansions by railways.

This is how these vegetables are irrigated by sewage water from drains and gutters around. A pump installed to draw water for the fields above can be seen in the second picture below.

While some make a living out of the unhygenic surrounding by collecting and selling re-processable garbage, for some the unhygenic conditions is a question of life and death. This is BOMBAY

BOMBAY - Gandagi Yahi Hai Zindagi

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bombay – High Court Verdict on Dogs

Your Honour,

When the dog was making a living showing acrobats and shows at a circus, you said it is cruelty towards animal and put him out of job. Of no use at circus, his master abandoned him. Now as he is abandoned and has no master authorities believe he is a nuisance and a threat to the society, you have passed the order to cull him. Really it’s a dog’s life.

As humans God has given us humans some privileges, advantages and authority over other living things whether it is a plant or an animal. And it is our responsibility as humans to care for them and protect them not cull them.

The problem of dog nuisance has reached such a magnitude only because of the lethargy and the carelessness of the authorities assigned to control it. By passing the order you have made their job easier.

GOD when I pass out of this life and enter another and if You decide that it be of a DOG let me be born in some distant land where they do not CULL them but CARE for them.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

India - Our Politicians and their Politics

‘Naval Officers at Bombay should brush up Marathi’ – comments of Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Ashok Chavan

An average defense officials whether from Army, Air Force or Naval during service are posted at locations all over India and irrespective of their birth in north, south, east or west are well versed in the National Language – HINDI. So such comment by a chief minister is disrespect of National Language.

Just imagine Mr. M. Karunanidhi asking Naval Officers at Madras to brush up their Tamil or Mr. VS Achuthanandan asking officers in Cochin to brush up their Malayalam, or Mr. YSR Reddy insisting officers at Visakhapatnam to brush up Telugu, or Shri Buddhdev Bhattacharya suggesting officers at Calcutta to brush up their Bengali. Is Mr. Ashok Chavan suggesting that Police officers in Bombay don’t understand the National Language – HINDI.

More than 60% of the Bombaites are immigrants so how do the police help them or what is the fate of a non-Marathi Bombaite visiting a police station.

What’s wrong with the Politicians? Will they try to resolve the burning issues first or leaving everything aside issues are going to revolve around Maratha and Marathi.

Well nobody complained, National Language is no one’s concern and so is the Nation.

Is it a FACT or another slip of tongue or a misinterpretation!

Our Politics And Politicians

Slip of Tongue – Not Again

RR Patil, MA Naqvi, VS Achuthanandan and now AR Antulay isn’t it high time political parties identify senior politicians who have lost contacts between their brain and tongue and reward their loyalty with royalty and retire them graciously instead of offering sensitive posts in the ministry and causing national embarrassments.

May be Mr. Antulay’s statement is genuine with a purpose to help his friend who hales from his neighboring village, guess, who! Pakistan’s brand ambassador for terrorism ‘Dawood BHAI Ibrahim’. Or still further must have received some incentive from him for raising the issue on the floor of the Parliament.

Finally the statement coincides with the formation of a Muslim political front in Maharashtra to fight for the rights of the minorities. Is he one of the protege?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bombay - ‘Special security arrangements at MbPT, post 26/11’

‘Special security arrangements at Bombay Port Trust, post 26/11’ The news article appeared in many of the leading newspapers today and unfolded before me many a incidence of the past of which two aspects are interesting, one is POLITICAL and another related to SECURITY which I wish to share here.

Way back in the 90’s when Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Nhava Seva, New Bombay was being developed. I visited the port on a few occasions as a supplier than. Every time I visited I was harassed by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel to part with some money no sooner I un-boarded from the launch and reached the security post at the port.

The shocker was on a visit with supplies to JNPT as soon as I got down from the launch and reached the security post the security personnel of the CISF noticed that I was with supplies and pulled me aside and demanded more money this time, I said this was not healthy, his reply I have never forgotten till date “jab desh ka Pradhan Mantri bag bhar kar karodo le sakta hai, mein to ek sadharan sipahi hoon” (hinting to the Harshad Mehta related Stock Scam, during interrogation he had mentioned that the Prime Minister of India Shri P.V. Narsimha Rao was the one of the benefeciaries and had personally delivered Rs.1 Crore cash to Mr. Narshima Rao. Total Rs.1.62 Crore cash was paid in cash for vote scam by the Mr. Narshima Rao to MP’s of JMM , including Shibu Soren. The cash was specifically paid to vote in favour of Narshima Rao government to win a ‘No Trust Motion’ in Parliament. Mr. P.V. Narishma Rao won the no trust motion but was convicted in the court in 2000 in the cash for vote scam, the other accused being Mr. Buta Singh who was later acquitted in 2002.)

Another interesting thing is the SECURITY aspect. The Central Industrial Security Force is the same CISF who provide us security at some of the leading ports and our domestic and international airports and other critical installations of national interest including the Taj Mahal at Agra. This article in the newspaper just reminded me today, that instead of my supplies earlier, it could had been anything dangerous or lethal. Most probably this is how due to lax security the hijacking of Indian Airlines plane to Kandhar must have happened

Today, nothing has changed since than on both fronts POLITICAL & SECURITY, Mr. Buta Singh was rewarded with the post of Governor of Bihar by the subsequent Congress government after he lost the Lok Sabha election, Mr. Shibu Soren has been rewarded with the post Chief Minister of Jharkhand by the current Congress government under Dr. Manmohan Singh. Helping Mr. Shibu Soren to take corruptions to new highs. Jharkhand is rich in minerals and must be selling mining licences for dimes while making fortune for himself.


On the SECURITY front on March 12, 1993 when Bombay was first shook with a series of explosions all over, the explosives came from Pakistan via sea route but was unloaded a little further of Bombay Coast (three government security officials convicted). During the recent terrorist attack on November 26, 2008 the terrorists again came by sea but this time they were more bolder and landed right in the heart of Bombay. This is our security, terrorists come at their convenience from air, sea and road even today, kill indiscriminately and disappear to return again.

The farce begins, more assurances, new set of politicians, new security setups, continues, nothing is going to change for us !




Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Made in India – Back to Swadeshi

Capitalism to Consumerism

The days of Capitalism is now over and the wings of Consumerism which was going to take over has been clipped early. Again Consumer will be the true power of any economy. The needs of an average consumer are simple, a consumer needs a steady job to sustain him and in turn he sustains the economy. The repercussions in economies that have outsourced cheaper goods for more profits at the cost of local industry and jobs are today evident.

Impact of Chinese Goods on India

For last few years we have seen a dearth of cheap Chinese goods flooding the market both in shops and streets whether it is a needle, toys, household electric and electronics goods, mobiles, everything is available damn cheap. In fact, China makes everything cheap whether it is toys for our children or guns and ammunition for the terrorist and other anti national elements in India and around the world.

Most Chinese products we get here in India are rejected stocks by American and European economies either for being a health hazard or for being of deficient and sub-standard quality which are then dumped in India. They believe most of we Indians are crazy about imported goods. Taking advantage of this craze some of the manufacturers and re-sellers of plastic goods, toys, electric and electronic goods and mobiles even in India outsource finished goods from China. They believe it is cheap and means better business sense but it is at the cost of jobs and livelihoods of our brothers and sisters here in India, as it is only possible after shutting existing local manufacturing units in India and rendering our Indian brothers and sisters jobless.

We have better Entrepreneurs & Economists here

Our businessmen and CEO’s here are trying to ape the western and America economies, buts its consequences in America is clear over US $ 2000 billion pumped into the economy by the US Government and its still not even ready to crawl. Some of the leading American industrial and financial houses, banks, and insurance and pension funds are almost bankrupt and asking for more financial aids from the US Government for its survival. Is our Government strong enough to sustain such sort of financial impact, will it be possible to the Indian Government to pump 1000’s of crore Rupees to rebuild the economy if something similar happens here in India. Will our economy sustain such a jolt.

We Entrepreneurs and Industrialists have to learn the economic impact of outsourcing from China on America. Over the last decade America has been gradually making redundant employees, closing industrial units and outsourcing cheaper goods from Asia, specifically China and creating employment elsewhere. America was once proud of its strong consumer base and Capitalism, as the list of outsourced goods grew, local employment opportunities started shrinking and also gradually shrinking was the buying power of average Americans. The same American consumer which was once its strength. Approx two million Americans have lost their jobs just in 2008 itself.


If we have to bring a strong entrepreneurial, industrial and financial India it is necessary to return back to the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and ‘SWADESHI’. SWADESHI – to manufacture ourselves from our own resources everything that is possible for us. Instead of outsourcing from abroad which only creates employment opportunities elsewhere and helps other economies? Reopening closed units and setting up our own manufacturing facilities here in India will create more local employment opportunities increase the buying power of the local Indians and build healthy economy and all of us can thrive and prosper collectively.

Dual threat from China for Indians

For we Indians the threat from China is dual, one is on the economic front the other threat is to our existence itself. While it is making maximum profits by dumping worthless rejected goods here in India and hitting our economy hard as most of this products are imported by unscrupulous means. Simultaneously most of the Indian Industrial, Financial capitals like Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and Banglore and most of the defense establishment are already under its direct missile cover which may hit us any time at a push of a button. Every Chinese product we buy makes China financially more stronger to bring one more Indian city under the cover of its Nuclear Headed Missiles.

With over 38000 sq km’s. (approx size of Kerala State )http://meaindia.nic.in/parliament/rs/2001/08/aug9-2721.htm of Indian territory already under Chinese occupation they have been constantly laying claims and intruding our lands in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. Chinese officials and head of state are regularly saying these are integral part of China. The docile and mild approach of the Indian Government only helps the Chinese become bolder with every incidence recently even objecting the visit of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to Arunachal Pradesh. Next time there is a war Chinese Nuclear Headed Missiles will hit us and perform our burials even before our troop reach the borders. Instead of protesting their actions our politicians approve War Games with Chinese Army on our soil near Banglore. As we cannot expect anything better from our politicians as Indians our endeavor should be to BOYCOTT all Chinese products. A BOYCOTT will ensure, atleast we are not financing the guns that terrorist, anti national elements are firing at us common man some place somewhere in India everyday, with no NSG to protect us on streets, buses and trains.

While the Pakistanis on one hand have been funding Islamist terrorist from around world to create terror in India, destabilise our economy and spread distrust amoung local Hindu’s and Muslim’s the Communist Chinese regime has been replicating it through various factions of communist naxalbaris and other anti-national elements spreading terror and instability all over India.

BOYCOTT 'Made in China'

The Indian Government may be weak to fight Chinese might we Citizens of India are not. Let us take the war to the door steps of China the Gandhian way. Let us boycott all Chinese made products and all branded products with its origin in China and the labels ‘Made in China’ until China respects our territorial integrity, returns our land and that of our Tibetan brothers. Let us begin this war with the Gandhian principles on NON VIOLENCE without firing a SINGLE BULLET.

Let us make INDIA one of the STRONGEST Economies of the World

America and the West has learnt the lesson let us take some strong measures before it is too late. Chinese economy is already on the reverse gear due to the impact of recession in Europe and America and our economy too is on the same path. We the People of India have the power, having the second largest consumer base in the world. We can make ourselves the STRONGEST ECONOMY of the world without outside help. Buy and promote local Indian made goods, this is the success story of Japan, this is the success story of Korea. Buy goods Made in India and help build a strong India and secure the livelihood of our brothers and sisters here in India and make the road clear for a NEW ECONOMICALLY POWERFUL INDIA.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

26/11 Bombay - Is it a War of Conscious or a War with Guns

“We were saved because we were watching the India-England cricket match”, “otherwise we generally sit around the beach and chat and would had been the first target of the terrorist” these are the comments of our brothers in a hamlet of fishing community near Oberoi Trident which was one of the target of our brothers from across the border. These and many such similar comment’s on how some of us were saved on 26/11, we have been reading in newspapers and watching on television for the last few days. These are just a reflection of the general state of mind of us all citizens. While a few amoung us died fighting AK47 with lathis, brains and bare hands saving life of others, putting their own precious life at risk. Today we are glad we have saved our skins from the bullets and passed it on to the likes of Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Gajendra Singh and many others who died protecting us. Now when we have survived and our souls have been saved we have been quick enough to make martyrs out of those who took the hit of the bullets instead of us.

Do we need one more Defense Establishment
Politicians are talking of specialized defense establishment on the lines of NSG for Bombay, is it for their personal security or for us, do we really need the present multi-level defense system which has already been a failure, is one more, may be superior one, help. Bombay Police, State Reserve Police, Central Reserve Police, Central Industrial Security Force, Rapid Action Force, Indian Army, NSG, etc., etc. not enough? Why waste money on a new setup, why not consolidate our present setup. The question is, isn’t this our biggest problem today, multiple task forces under multiple commands and the confusion of jurisdiction, everyone expecting another to act first. Do we really need a new defense force in this multi-level setup to create more confusion? How many times it has happened that we approach a local police station to lodge a simple complaint and we are shown the door of some other police station on the issue of jurisdiction. If such is the state in a single defense establishment, imagine the confusion for co-ordination at multiple level. The same confusion is evident on actions on 26/11 first police, than ATS, than naval commando’s, than the Army finally NSG.
What needs a Change
If anything has to change it is US. We all have lost our integrity and become corrupt, corrupt if not by our actions by our thoughts. Our integrity is for sale, for a price. And than we put the blame on others of irresponsibility when we have not acted differently, while a few like Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Gajendra Singh among us die so that we live, we just find solace in our cry of Vande Mataram and saluting the Martyrs. Today we citizens are shouting slogans and anger is visible all over not because why these brave soldiers and many innocents were killed but the fear that some amoung us would also have been killed and may not be that lucky next time.

Tomorrow when everything is calm and normal AGAIN, some police officer amoung us somewhere for a few Rupees will AGAIN allow an unauthorized car to pass which may be driven by a terrorist, somewhere a officer at checkpoint may AGAIN allow a car or truck to pass without inspection for a few Rupees but this time in addition to ammunition it may be laden with biological chemicals and may be nuclear contents too, AGAIN these defence agencies may not be prepared to fight and control it, some government official amoung us will AGAIN approve defective bullet proof jackets, helmets and ammunitions for a few lakh or may be crores and some entrepreneur or agent amoung us will again pay these lakhs or crores to make more profits putting to risk the lives of our brothers, sisters and children, some land lords amoung us will AGAIN rent his homes without checking the credentials of the tenants who may be terrorist, somewhere some employer will AGAIN outsource employees to save a few thousand Rupees without checking their credentials and one amoung them may be terrorist. Some amoung us will AGAIN see suspicious activities around but will ignore to report just because it will waist precious time and some of those who do report to the officials the officials will AGAIN ignore assuming it to be just a waste of time. The Terrorist understand its very well.

We and our conscious have all become corrupt and there are no portals left in our democracy where CORRUPTION has not reached whether it is Politics, Police, various Tax assessing and collecting agencies and now Defense.
Let us begin a New Revolution
Bombay has seen beginning of many a revolutions for India. Whether it is for Independence or Industrial Revolution or an Economic Revolution all know Bombay has been at the forefront. Let the sacrifice of 26th November and 2 days thereafter in Bombay be a inspiration for us and a beginning of a new revolution. Revolution for a INDIA FREE OF CORRUPTION. Let every citizen of Bombay resolve that we will not pay in cash or kind to buy somebody’s integrity for personal profit and neither we will sell our integrity at any cost as it may be putting somebodies precious LIFE at risk. Let us make a safer Bombay for ourselves, our brothers, sisters and children. Let us all evolve to make a New INDIA.

REMEMBER the biggest achievement in the various operation by the various defense forces against the terrorists since 26/11 has been the capture of Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, an achievement of our Police Officers co-incidently WITHOUT a gun.
Let us be More Responsible
The struggle has not yet began and some of our politician brothers are already seeing anti-national elements in our voice and some politicians will soon rise to defend the terrorists too. Some of us from the television media have been irresponsible too giving the perpretators a live coverage of the actions outside putting to risk the life of our brothers, sisters and friends inside . And finally on 3rd December 2008 some of us were singing the same song of the politicians and our talks were equally irresponsible for e.g. saying “ATTACK! ATTACK!! ATTACK!!! Pakistan”. Let all of us be more responsible. Let us CLEANSE OUR POLITICS OF ALL CORRUPT AND SELFISH ELEMENTS and for this we will have to cleanse our acts first.
Let us begin a new struggle for freedom, FREEDOM FROM FEAR OF TERRORISM. The first step in this war against Terrorism, is the war of our CONSCIOUS against CORRUPTION.
Some of us must have read the interview of a successful farmer who had a good harvest year after year, when asked the reason for his success, Why, it is so? He replied “I lend some of my good seeds to my neighbours” The interviewer was surprised “What has this to do with your good crop?” The farmer replied “have you heard about cross pollination the good pollens from the good seeds from my neighbours field pollinate my crops giving me a good harvest year after year”. So let us lend our neighbours some of our Good Seeds.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hum 2 hamare 23


Mohd Ishaq doesn’t remember the names of his 23 kids or even recognize all of them. Yet, he is all set to welcome his 24th child next year. Meet the man, the machine and the family that does not believe in family planning.
Nuh (Mewat, Haryana): A 40-year-old woman in Mewat district of Haryana gave birth to her 23rd child on Sunday. The baby was born to Bismillah (40) and Mohammad Ishaq (50) at the nearby Al-Afia Government Hospital in the district. The couple were married in 1976 and since then, Bismillah has given birth to 23 children, the latest addition Mother India: Bismillah with her 23rd child, Shabira being a female child who was born on Sunday and named Shabira.God’s giftsSpeaking to the media, a happy and delighted father, Mohammad Ishaq said, “Yeh though sab Allah ki den hai, agar hamara chaubiswa baccha agle sal hua though woh bhi hum Allah ki den samjhenge. (All this is Allah’s gift. If we get a 24th child next year, we will welcome it too)”
Too many to recallHowever, when asked him the names of his children, Ishaq had to take help from his son and neighbors. “I find it very difficult to remember their Love’s labor: Mohammad Ishaq and Bismillah with their family of 23 names as they all look the same,” he said.Ishaq, builds thatched roofs in nearby villages and ferries goods for shops in the vicinity for a living.
Hoping for supportBismillah the mother of 23 children, hopes that her children will take care of her. “I feed my children chicken, mutton and chivda, with my daughters helping me in the cooking,” she says.

Love’s labor: Mohammad Ishaq and Bismillah with their family of 23 at a village in Mewat, Haryana