Saturday, December 6, 2008

26/11 Bombay - Is it a War of Conscious or a War with Guns

“We were saved because we were watching the India-England cricket match”, “otherwise we generally sit around the beach and chat and would had been the first target of the terrorist” these are the comments of our brothers in a hamlet of fishing community near Oberoi Trident which was one of the target of our brothers from across the border. These and many such similar comment’s on how some of us were saved on 26/11, we have been reading in newspapers and watching on television for the last few days. These are just a reflection of the general state of mind of us all citizens. While a few amoung us died fighting AK47 with lathis, brains and bare hands saving life of others, putting their own precious life at risk. Today we are glad we have saved our skins from the bullets and passed it on to the likes of Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Gajendra Singh and many others who died protecting us. Now when we have survived and our souls have been saved we have been quick enough to make martyrs out of those who took the hit of the bullets instead of us.

Do we need one more Defense Establishment
Politicians are talking of specialized defense establishment on the lines of NSG for Bombay, is it for their personal security or for us, do we really need the present multi-level defense system which has already been a failure, is one more, may be superior one, help. Bombay Police, State Reserve Police, Central Reserve Police, Central Industrial Security Force, Rapid Action Force, Indian Army, NSG, etc., etc. not enough? Why waste money on a new setup, why not consolidate our present setup. The question is, isn’t this our biggest problem today, multiple task forces under multiple commands and the confusion of jurisdiction, everyone expecting another to act first. Do we really need a new defense force in this multi-level setup to create more confusion? How many times it has happened that we approach a local police station to lodge a simple complaint and we are shown the door of some other police station on the issue of jurisdiction. If such is the state in a single defense establishment, imagine the confusion for co-ordination at multiple level. The same confusion is evident on actions on 26/11 first police, than ATS, than naval commando’s, than the Army finally NSG.
What needs a Change
If anything has to change it is US. We all have lost our integrity and become corrupt, corrupt if not by our actions by our thoughts. Our integrity is for sale, for a price. And than we put the blame on others of irresponsibility when we have not acted differently, while a few like Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Gajendra Singh among us die so that we live, we just find solace in our cry of Vande Mataram and saluting the Martyrs. Today we citizens are shouting slogans and anger is visible all over not because why these brave soldiers and many innocents were killed but the fear that some amoung us would also have been killed and may not be that lucky next time.

Tomorrow when everything is calm and normal AGAIN, some police officer amoung us somewhere for a few Rupees will AGAIN allow an unauthorized car to pass which may be driven by a terrorist, somewhere a officer at checkpoint may AGAIN allow a car or truck to pass without inspection for a few Rupees but this time in addition to ammunition it may be laden with biological chemicals and may be nuclear contents too, AGAIN these defence agencies may not be prepared to fight and control it, some government official amoung us will AGAIN approve defective bullet proof jackets, helmets and ammunitions for a few lakh or may be crores and some entrepreneur or agent amoung us will again pay these lakhs or crores to make more profits putting to risk the lives of our brothers, sisters and children, some land lords amoung us will AGAIN rent his homes without checking the credentials of the tenants who may be terrorist, somewhere some employer will AGAIN outsource employees to save a few thousand Rupees without checking their credentials and one amoung them may be terrorist. Some amoung us will AGAIN see suspicious activities around but will ignore to report just because it will waist precious time and some of those who do report to the officials the officials will AGAIN ignore assuming it to be just a waste of time. The Terrorist understand its very well.

We and our conscious have all become corrupt and there are no portals left in our democracy where CORRUPTION has not reached whether it is Politics, Police, various Tax assessing and collecting agencies and now Defense.
Let us begin a New Revolution
Bombay has seen beginning of many a revolutions for India. Whether it is for Independence or Industrial Revolution or an Economic Revolution all know Bombay has been at the forefront. Let the sacrifice of 26th November and 2 days thereafter in Bombay be a inspiration for us and a beginning of a new revolution. Revolution for a INDIA FREE OF CORRUPTION. Let every citizen of Bombay resolve that we will not pay in cash or kind to buy somebody’s integrity for personal profit and neither we will sell our integrity at any cost as it may be putting somebodies precious LIFE at risk. Let us make a safer Bombay for ourselves, our brothers, sisters and children. Let us all evolve to make a New INDIA.

REMEMBER the biggest achievement in the various operation by the various defense forces against the terrorists since 26/11 has been the capture of Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, an achievement of our Police Officers co-incidently WITHOUT a gun.
Let us be More Responsible
The struggle has not yet began and some of our politician brothers are already seeing anti-national elements in our voice and some politicians will soon rise to defend the terrorists too. Some of us from the television media have been irresponsible too giving the perpretators a live coverage of the actions outside putting to risk the life of our brothers, sisters and friends inside . And finally on 3rd December 2008 some of us were singing the same song of the politicians and our talks were equally irresponsible for e.g. saying “ATTACK! ATTACK!! ATTACK!!! Pakistan”. Let all of us be more responsible. Let us CLEANSE OUR POLITICS OF ALL CORRUPT AND SELFISH ELEMENTS and for this we will have to cleanse our acts first.
Let us begin a new struggle for freedom, FREEDOM FROM FEAR OF TERRORISM. The first step in this war against Terrorism, is the war of our CONSCIOUS against CORRUPTION.
Some of us must have read the interview of a successful farmer who had a good harvest year after year, when asked the reason for his success, Why, it is so? He replied “I lend some of my good seeds to my neighbours” The interviewer was surprised “What has this to do with your good crop?” The farmer replied “have you heard about cross pollination the good pollens from the good seeds from my neighbours field pollinate my crops giving me a good harvest year after year”. So let us lend our neighbours some of our Good Seeds.

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