Saturday, December 20, 2008

India - Our Politicians and their Politics

‘Naval Officers at Bombay should brush up Marathi’ – comments of Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Ashok Chavan

An average defense officials whether from Army, Air Force or Naval during service are posted at locations all over India and irrespective of their birth in north, south, east or west are well versed in the National Language – HINDI. So such comment by a chief minister is disrespect of National Language.

Just imagine Mr. M. Karunanidhi asking Naval Officers at Madras to brush up their Tamil or Mr. VS Achuthanandan asking officers in Cochin to brush up their Malayalam, or Mr. YSR Reddy insisting officers at Visakhapatnam to brush up Telugu, or Shri Buddhdev Bhattacharya suggesting officers at Calcutta to brush up their Bengali. Is Mr. Ashok Chavan suggesting that Police officers in Bombay don’t understand the National Language – HINDI.

More than 60% of the Bombaites are immigrants so how do the police help them or what is the fate of a non-Marathi Bombaite visiting a police station.

What’s wrong with the Politicians? Will they try to resolve the burning issues first or leaving everything aside issues are going to revolve around Maratha and Marathi.

Well nobody complained, National Language is no one’s concern and so is the Nation.

Is it a FACT or another slip of tongue or a misinterpretation!

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Anonymous said...

WHO TOLD YOU that Hindi is national language? All 22 languages are national languages. Hindi is not superior to any other language. And Hindi ppl need to realise that forcing their language and culture on others is a big sin they are doing. For your kind information, both English and Hindi are official languages of india and there is no one single exclusive national language.
and why should non-hindi ppl learn hindi in first place? What's so great abt it? It is 90 % urdu which is language of muslim invaders and terrorists.